When should babies drink water? Is it harmful to drink water?

2 minutes

For babies and we adults, water is an indispensable component of life. However, infants, especially newborn babies, usually need water from their mother. This is the first six months from birth. In this process, it is enough to give three or four teaspoons of water a day to the baby.

Things to consider when taking a long journey with the baby

4 minutes

Going out with babies might seem pretty easy. Get him in the stroller and get out. But this is not what it seems. There are two layers of clothing per head, at least two feeding pads, two different breastfeeding covers, three or four pieces of cloth, wet wipes and other materials. When we go on a long journey, we need more than this.

Calming sleep music for babies

3 minutes

Babies sometimes have trouble falling asleep. Sleep Music is able to put them to sleep. However, when you know which baby affects the baby to do research, full baby crying when the right, calming sleep music is quite difficult to find.

How to dress babies in cold weather?

3 minutes

Weather is cold. We should keep our baby warm during the winter. Especially because their bodies and immune systems are not used to cold weather, they need to dress in the best way. So how do we do that?

Alas Technology! How Can I Protect My Baby?

3 minutes

We’re in the information age. And most of us now have two smart phones. In this world surrounded by technology, we don’t want our baby to get into this stream, do we? How can we protect our baby / child from television, smartphones and computers?